Family Law

Custody, Child support, DCP&P and Emancipation Matters

Divorce Solicitors and Family Law

We are dedicated to providing quality services in the area of family law including custody, child support, DCP&P and Emancipation matters.

Families don’t look like they did 50 years ago. Divorced parents, single-parent families, same-sex parents, grandparents as parents all help form today’s collage of a modern family. Our family law attorneys are experienced with modern families. We can guide you through divorce, custody, support, and other family law cases.

Family law is an area of legal practice which includes divorce, custody and child support cases, among other things. These are hard cases, often filled with conflict. The stakes couldn’t be higher, if you think about it – people fight over nothing more than their children. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and get sucked into retribution, retaliation and revenge. We help our clients chose a different path.


Our Process

We Have The Experts and Resources

Our attorneys know the right places to look to locate exemplars that can be used by experts in extensive destructive and non-destructive testing to find the answers to complex questions of causation and legal fault (liability).

We Put In The Time To Get Results

We recognize the importance of results. That is why we put in the hard work that is required in cases involving defective or unsafe product cases that is required to obtain the best results possible.

We Care

Our team may be aggressive when representing your case, but every partner is compassionate and understands the difficult situation you have been put in. You take care yourself, we’ll take care of your case.